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— PBS journalist Bill Moyers.

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Editor’s Notes

Secrecy and paranoia are hallmarks of Harper’s leadership — 162 words.

From the Desk of RCAF Lt. Col. (ret’d) Harold Wright

America suffers suicide epidemic
among traumatized army veterans

More American military veterans have been committing suicide than US soldiers have been dying in Iraq, it was claimed yesterday. — 626 words.

Opposition claims cover up in alleged Afghan prison torture

OTTAWA - Detailed, specific, first-hand accounts about the abuse of Canadian-captured Afghan prisoners were in the hands of the Conservative government 48 hours after the first media reports appeared last spring, court records show. — 1,011 words.

Health Watch

Now Doctors Say It's Good to be Overweight

A startling new study by medical researchers in the United States has caused consternation among public health professionals by suggesting that, contrary to conventional wisdom, being overweight might actually be beneficial for health. — 1,054 words.

From the Desk of Mike (The Hammer) Garvin

Check the cars that might make ‘classics’
one of them may be the one you’re driving

Is your car a potential money-spinner or will it be nothing but an old banger ready for the scrap-yard in 50 years? — 495 words.

Hundreds of book lovers crowd
annual Ottawa authors book sale

George Laidlaw, President of Ottawa Independent Writers (OIW), said that the Fifth Annual Ottawa Authors Book Sale (formerly the OIW Book Fair) was a resounding success. — 178 words.

Ottawa Citizen columnist guest speaker
at November meeting of writer’s group

Charles Gordon, an Ottawa Citizen columnist, will be the guest speaker at the Wednesday, November 28,  general membership meeting of the Ottawa Independent Writers. — 165 words

What a fearless journalist looks like at 95
Studs Terkel is working on his next book

"I have, after a fashion, been celebrated for having celebrated the lives of the uncelebrated among us; for lending voice to the face in the crowd." That is the opening line of Studs Terkel's long-awaited memoir, Touch and Go. I made a pilgrimage to Chicago to see Terkel, one of the 20th century's greatest journalists, interviewers, and storytellers. — 664 words.

Who's Winning?


Here's the story: The writers seem to be keeping up their momentum, and talent from Jason Alexander to Ray Romano to Holly Hunter to Patricia Heaton is turning out to support them. The question is: How stiff is their resolve? —1,134 words.

In the Spotlight

Girl-group VIA Gra has changed line-up
nine times, while none of the original
‘singing knickers’ remain in Blestyashchiye.

Meanwhile Moscow mayor won’t pay singers who lip-synch

This week, Ogonyok and Russian Newsweek magazines took a pop at the feeble state of the Russian music industry, or specifically the singers' penchant for lip-synching and the producers' penchant for switching the lineup of their girl groups -- a musical genre that one described as "singing knickers." — 615 words.

Bush, Pakistan, and the Bomb
The good, the bad, and the stupid

Bush Imperial policy has created a nuclear nightmare that only intelligent, imaginative diplomacy can salvage.

The journey to the martial law just imposed on Pakistan by Pervez Musharraf began in Washington on Sept. 11, 2001. — 1,505 words.

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