Editor’s Notes

Relax, we haven’t sold out
to the China big spenders

Before the more paranoid among our readers hit the hysteria button please be advised that the three stories we have below under the one cover heading does not mean that True North has become a tool of the Chinese Communists. The stories are only sober reflection of my long-held contention that China will become the economic engine of the 21st Century so we better pay close and objective attention as to what is going on there. That’s why we have three brief pieces on the 17th Congress of the Communist Party of China. We couldn’t afford to send a reporter (we can’t afford to send someone to the corner for a pizza) but the world media will be well represented — 1,000 journalists have been registered to cover the seven-day session that begins today. We’ll do our best from this distant perch to keep you informed in our Wednesday and No Gas Friday issues. Meanwhile, we’ve got a lot more in this issue of what I like to call True North’s Garden of Ideas. And this brings me to a point that I want to underline. Published in True North is a wide range of subjects and ideas chiefly political and economic. We publish but we don’t necessarily endorse or even agree with all that which has been, is, and will be expressed on these pages. We publish, to present as true a reflection of reality as we possibly can to stimulate discussion — private and public — on the premise that an informed people have the best shot at being a free people. To this we are resolutely dedicated. Just as we are resolutely dedicated to keeping our sense of humour, and to not taking ourselves, or the world, too seriously. To quote myself again, “There can be no life without laughter. So take it easy. But take it.” Have a good read.

Looking forward

Carl Dow
Editor and Publisher
True North Perspective