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Geneticist tosses rock in calmed waters
and we have lots on sleep and cognition
and keeping hanky panky at home, not
to forget feeding healthy fat to fat kids

A demographer said more than half-a-century ago that all those living west of the Ural Mountains, the dividing line between Europe and Asia, are at least 16th cousins. This conclusion was based on analyses of migration patterns enhanced by armies marching back and forth. Now we have a geneticist exploding myths in the United Kingdom. — 441 words.

Wisdom in the court
of Judge Harold Wright

 Judge Wright sits on health care provision

Two patients limp into two different Canadian medical clinics with the same complaint. — 115 words.

Scot, Welsh, Irish, English — is the claim
but now we have us a wee identity crisis

Alexander McCall Smith in a file to the The British Broadcasting Corporation, says “The one sure way to irritate a Scotsman is to call him an Englishman. That happens to Scots all the time when they travel abroad, and many of them feel as strongly about it as Hercule Poirot felt when people called him a Frenchman. "Belgian," the great detective would say, with polite emphasis, mustache bristling. And of course it would be unwise to call a man wearing green on St. Patrick's Day an Englishman.  But . . . — 766 words.

Israel's leadership has been shaken by a string of scandals
Israel recalls 'naked ambassador'
found bound in hanky panky play

Israel has recalled its ambassador to El Salvador after he was found drunk and naked in bondage gear. — 244 words.
Research shows getting enough sleep
is vital to producing new brain cells

Missing out on sleep may cause the brain to stop producing new cells, a study has suggested.  — 336 words.

US couples seek separate bedrooms
to promote harmonious marriages

More and more couples in the US are ordering separate master bedrooms in their new homes to help ensure a more harmonious marriage, research suggests. A survey by the National Association of Home Builders has predicted that by 2015, 60% of custom-built homes will have two master bedroom suites. — 280 words.

Incest: an age-old taboo; but Napoleon
dropped incest from French penal code

As a German brother and sister take their fight for the right to a sexual relationship to the country's highest court, the BBC News website's Clare Murphy looks at the history of the incest taboo and how it is changing. — 1,010 words.

Small test says fatty-acid supplement
may help children do better at school

Tests of VegEPA, in four overweight youngsters, showed improvement in reading, concentration, and memory. Brain scans showed three years worth of development in just three months in the children, says Imperial College researcher Professor Basant Puri. Three boys and one girl, aged between eight and 13, who were overweight took part in the tests designed to look at the effects of junk food on young brains. They were asked to be more active and cut down on unhealthy snacks and fizzy drinks. At the same time, they were given two capsules a day of the VegEPA supplement, which contains an omega-3 fatty acid called EPA. — 483 words.

True North Canuck Fact of the Day

To sample real desert conditions visit Osoyoos B.C.

Canada's only micro-desert, complete with sagebrush, prickly pear cactus and even rattlesnakes, is near Osoyoos, B.C., just north of the U.S. border,

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Harold Wright, True North's  Doctor of Punology, says,  “When she saw her first strands of gray hair, she thought she'd dye."
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