Editor’s Notes

Take my hand (I’m a stranger in paradise)
and we’ll stroll down our garden of ideas

Another True North No Gas Friday has landed and we bring you an excellent flowering for quiet contemplation during the weekend. On the table of course is wisdom in the Court of Judge Wright. After that a moment with bin Laden who is predicting that George W. Bush will soon attack Finland. A reader in Montreal provides a link to music of the ‘60s — a trip down memory lane if you were at least 10 years old when the decade began. Under Health Watch you’ll be able to take some measure to learn if you’re related to Genghis Khan, Scientist Editor Geoffrey Dow reports that scientists in Scandinavia offer us hope of a new, clean energy source that may be available well before we complete our carbon plundering. Then we stop in Iraq to learn that leaders there are backing away from American policy. Next we have former President Carter insisting that Vice-President Cheney has been a “disaster” for the U.S. and that the U.S, is committing torture no matter what George W. wants to call it. Helen Thomas of Hearst News mocks the cowardice of the Democratic leadership candidates that results in support for Bush’s policy. A report on that young female private who was severely injured in an accident after draft-dodger Bush sent her to invade Iraq. The army lied to transform her into Girl Rambo but she exposed the lies with anger. Poor old Che has been at the top of the news since Monday and a journalist/author takes a strip off the making of a martyr. William Marsden of Montreal has published a book, Stupid to the Last Drop, that puts sharp focus on the carbon frenzy in Alberta. We have the introduction to a best-selling book that explains why both Republicans and Democrats bow to the Israel Lobby to the detriment of the best interests of the United States. Of course we can’t leave without a chat with Randy Ray who provides us with True North Canuck Fact of the Day, and with our esteemed Doctor of Punology, Harold Wright.

Take it easy, but take it. Looking forward to Monday.

Carl Dow
Editor and Publisher
True North Perspective