Editor’s Notes


The Bush ‘We Care’ slogan will not placate

survivors of millions killed by US puppets


Sorely missing from media reports on last weekends visit to Latin America by George W. Bush is information of substance. We got plenty of coverage of demonstrations but too little background insight. For the leading media outlets Hugo Chavez is the man to be wary of, if not the man to hate. However, if we’re going to be wary of him, or to hate him, in style, we need to be informed. Otherwise our negative expression will lack the kind of class that is worthy of us. So as a remedy, I’ve made Latin America in context and as currently in motion, the centre of attention for today’s edition. Take time to read the first page with the heads and summaries. These will give you an idea of what’s inside, Also, keep in mind that while the Chinese dragon has shaken awake, what’s happening in Latin America with Venezuela as the catalyst is just as important even though operating in a smaller pond. The American’s won the cold war but, as a result of stupidity born of arrogance, it has taken a beating in its aftermath. There’s nothing to gloat about here. Canada, needless to say, lies on the American northern border. When the mentally challenged try to achieve their ends with brute force and then try to win friends with phony “We Care” visits, Canada will feel the aftershocks.


Learning and knowledge, seeking the truth. That’s our motto.


Looking forward


Carl Dow

Editor and Publisher