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Editor’s Notes

This week will tell us if common sense
on the Iraq tragedy prevails in Washington

The official status report on Iraq will be presented to the U.S. congress this week. You can be sure in advance that it will be heavily massaged to make War-Losing President George W. Bush look good. We’ll witness a major fantasy based on a few misleading kernels of truth. — 199 words.

Getting it right In Court
of Judge Harold Wright


Health Watch

‘Hey! . . . I’m not lazy! It’s just
those darned circadian rhythm’

Were You Born to Snooze?

Can't get going in the mornings? You're not lazy, just a 'B-person.' It's your circadian rhythms that make you a late riser. – 1,164 words,

From the Desk of Mike ‘The Hammer’ Garvin

Ford of Europe releases study
on sustainable development

This is a first for the automotive industry: a study on sustainable development that tries to assess the environmental, social and economic impacts of vehicle manufacturing. — 169 words.

Democracy be damned: Like we’ve been saying, the Bush
invasion of Iraq was all about oil. Big Oil shenanigans
in Iraq amount to no less than ‘World class racketeering’

‘In June, U.S. DoD reported that as much as 70 percent of the fuel processed at Iraq's key refinery was sold on the black market. Although neither the Iraqis nor the Americans know precisely how much oil is being produced, some 100-300,000 barrels of oil per day go unaccounted for. . . . There has been a lot of obfuscation around these matters, and the oil sector shenanigans are not the only way the Americans can be blamed for fueling the violence and chaos. But as Rep. Ackerman put it, there is so much corruption in the oil sector that "it's surprising the Iraqi people are not bringing — are not demanding that we bring the old crooks back."’ — 1,041 words.

U.S. Military: seven troops killed in Iraq
while two bridges blown in ‘secure’ Anbar

By Robert H. Reid of The Associated Press reports: U.S. officers say Anbar is far from secure. But the top US commander, General David Petraeus, is expected to point to a dramatic drop in violence there when he reports to Congress this week on the situation in Iraq after this year's troop buildup. — 770 words.

U.S.-trained government death squads
are ravaging the streets of Baghdad

The U.S.-backed government is running death squads that follow the Latin America model from the 1970s and 1980s. Death squads from the Ministry of Interior posing as Iraqi police are killing more people than ever in the capital, emerging evidence shows. — 1,039 words.

U.S. neocons put on
a surge-stravaganza

With U.S. General David Petraeus's eagerly anticipated final report on Iraq due this week, supporters of the troop surge are busily trying to set the stage for the report that they believe will refute their opponents. — 786 words.

Death sentence for "Chemical Ali" but
Barry Lando, former 60 Minutes producer
says trial was a shameful historical lie

(Two stories, one with the latest news, followed by a piece by Barry Lando that backgrounds the trial. Both combining to make interesting reading.) — 1,206 words.

Democrats say Bush-Petraeus report
will misrepresent Iraq on the ground

With Gen. David H. Petraeus set to testify before Congress this week about the status of the Iraq war, leading Democrats in the House and the Senate maneuvered Friday to portray his report as being controlled by the White House, while insisting that they did not doubt the general's integrity. — 803 words.

McGovern plan would rescue Iraqis from the tragedy created
by ‘deranged and absurd’ Bush and his Big Oil paymasters

Need Iraq suffer more if we pack up and go home?

As it bleeds into its fifth year, the Iraq war is excelling only in savagery and surrealism. We now have an American President publicly citing the similarities to Vietnam as a reason why the US must not withdraw — and he is merrily quoting Graham Greene's anti-war masterpiece The Quiet American in his defence. — 1,189 words.

Fringe Evangelicals influence
and distort U.S. military policy

For decades, especially since the end of the Vietnam War, the U.S. military has been wrestling with aggressive sects of doomsday Christians demanding control and conversions of those of other faiths as well as nonbelievers within the armed forces. — 3,454 words.

Bush gets away with lies, lies and
more lies in history-Illiterate America

By  Larry Beinhart, AlterNet News. (Larry Beinhart is the author of Fog Facts: Searching for Truth in the Land of Spin. His novels include Wag the Dog, on which the film was based, and The Librarian, which Rolling Stone described as "John Grisham meets Jon Stewart.") George Bush and other Iraq War supporters have argued that if we withdraw from Iraq the result will be like the killing fields of Cambodia — an odd comparison considering that the U.S. had direct responsibility for that holocaust. — 713 words.

Fallujah, Iraq —
Pummelled into submission
is now a Potemkin Village

Australia Inter Press News says a brave new attempt is under way to project that all is well now with Fallujah. Residents know better — or worse. — 813 words.

GOP rep makes threatening calls
to his complaining constituents

‘The party of perverts, liars, jerks, and thieves strikes again.’

Rep. Doug Lamborn (R-Colo.) is apologizing to a couple in his district who complained that he left them two threatening voice mails after they wrote a critical letter to the editor about the freshman member. — 599 words

Pensioner is called an extremist
by Oryol governor using skinhead law

A 71-year-old pensioner has been charged with extremism for criticizing Oryol Governor Yegor Stroyev. — 213 words.

Looking through the (American) papers

The New York Times and the Los Angeles Times, and the Wall Street Journal, at least online, tops its worldwide news box with the Friday release of a Labor Department report indicating that 4,000 American jobs were cut during August—the first downturn in employment numbers since 2003. The news caused stock prices to fall while further sparking fears of a potential recession. The Washington Post leads news that, in a letter to American troops, Gen. David Petraeus expressed disappointment with the pace of political progress in Iraq in what is ostensibly a sneak preview of his upcoming report to Congress. In his letter, Petraeus also praised the gains that have been made in terms of ground security and civilian rapprochement. (And much more — 1,164 words).

True North Canuck Fact of the Day

How Canada got its colours

The red and white found on Canada's national flag were designated as Canada's official colors in 1921 by King George V.

Trivia compiled by Randy Ray and Mark Kearney. Visit their Web site at: www.triviaguys.com

Harold Wright, Dean of Punology, says,When I told my doctor I broke my leg in two places, he told me to stop going to those places.”


Whatever Happened To…?
Catching Up With Canadian Icons
Randy Ray and Mark Kearney
ISBN:  1-55002-654-2  
$21.99   Trade Paperback  ORIGINAL




bookWhatever Happened To…? Catching Up With Canadian Icons by Randy Ray and Mark Kearney has been reprinted.  The second printing consists of 3,000 copies.

``We’re excited that the first print run, also 3,000 copies, sold out in seven months,’’ says Ray, who with Kearney has written eight books about Canada. "Canadians seem to be interested in knowing what's happened to a range of interesting people and things over the years and we’ve given them plenty of food for thought."

Whatever Happened To…? tracks the whereabouts of about 100 celebrities, newsmakers, places and things that have played a significant or interesting role in Canada’s recent history.  Long after making headlines or burrowing their way into our collective consciousness, these icons have traveled different roads—or in some cases kept more quietly to the path that gained them attention in the first place.

Ever wonder what became of Marilyn Bell, the first Canadian woman to swim across Lake Ontario?  Or of Roger Woodward, the boy who survived the treacherous beauty of Niagara Falls?  And what about Lea Parrell, the famous baby-face of Heinz, who was signed on before she was even born?

Kearney and Ray, who are known as Canada’s Trivia Guys, spice up their stories with dozens of fascinating facts.  With website links to further information, the book is a great resource for anyone who wants to learn more about Canada’s heritage or have a little fun.

Randy Ray is a freelance writer, author, and publicist.  He worked for the London Free Press for 13 years, including three years as a Parliament Hill correspondent.  Ray lives in Ottawa.

Mark Kearney is an award-winning journalist who has worked as a reporter, public relations specialist, and freelance writer.  He has taught writing at the University of Western Ontario for the past 17 years.  Kearney lives in London.


To set up an interview with Randy Ray and/or Mark Kearney, please contact
Randy Ray at: (613) 731-3873 or rocket@intranet.ca

All Ray/Kearney books can be seen on the Web at:


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