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"News is what (certain) people want to keep hidden. Everything else is just publicity."
— PBS journalist Bill Moyers.

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True North No Gas Fridays
Don’t be shy! Just don’t buy!

Join True North No Gas Fridays and hit back at Big Oil price gouging. When enough drivers make the point that they’re “mad as hell and won’t take it anymore” Governments will act. You can count on it. Protect yourself with True North No Gas Fridays.

gas pump

Take care, beware, don’t go near that thing on Friday . . . there’s a gouger lurking, with a very greedy eye on your hard-earned money.

Editor’s Notes

True North No Gas Fridays in the
best tradition of passive resistance

Way off in the distance, down Big Oil way, there is an email post in circulation that mocks No Gas Days. It doesn’t mention True North No Gas Fridays but a copy of the email landed on my desktop from a True North subscriber on the west coast. The missive argues that No Gas Days are useless because people will need to buy gas anyway. It says that it would be better to organize boycotts of specific companies. This piece of mockery may as well have been written by Big Oil to crush public will to resist gouging at the pumps. — 502 words.

Op-Ed Essay

Radical Tory — Part of the uniquely Canadian conservative tradition, without adherence to party or the way things are done elsewhere.

Where is the “centre” of Canadian politics?

— 1,798 words.

New China rich "shockingly" young
and keen on real estate investment

China's new rich are exceptionally younger than those in its neighbouring countries and they are keen on investing in the country's booming real estate market, a survey by credit card company MasterCard says.  — 315 words.

Torture shrinks

What does a psychiatrist do at a detainee interrogation?

The American Psychological Association has decided to ban its members from participating in controversial interrogation techniques, including "mock executions, simulated drowning, sexual and religious humiliation, stress positions or sleep deprivation." — 337 words.

Canadian example inspires Russians
protesting violence against women

A White Ribbon action was held in Vologda Region on Monday, September 3 under the Gender Equality and Masculinity project, the regional government's press Service reported. — 83 words.

Bush's Baby Einstein gaffe
The president lionizes a mountebank

In his Jan. 23 State of the Union address (click here for the video), President Bush paused briefly to pay tribute to a few everyday American heroes who'd been brought to the Capitol to sit beside his wife during the speech. It's a State of the Union tradition that began in 1982, when Ronald Reagan saluted Lenny Skutnik, a federal employee who, two weeks earlier, had plunged into the icy Potomac during a snowstorm to rescue the survivor of an airline crash. — 932 words.

A Social and Economic History of the Bra

One hundred years ago, Vogue coined the term 'brassiere' and launched a billion-dollar industry that forever changed the way women dress. Today many women are happy to spend £100 on a pure-silk number as a caressing indulgence. — 2,052 words.

From the Desk of RCAF Lt. Col. (ret’d) Harold Wright

Canadian Defence Associations calls for
clarity on Canada’s mission in Afghanistan

Great attention is being paid by some to the “exit strategy” that Canada should have to end its mission in Afghanistan. Some commentators bemoan the lack of a clear strategy for the Canadian mission. Once again, in anticipation of regular government briefings starting in September (hopefully those briefings will be for attribution), the CDA would like to draw your attention to relevant media and analysis pieces. — 990 words.

Watch What the Chinese Are Buying . . .

They have different buying habits
from the Japanese of 1970s-1980s

Do you remember the gasps when the Japanese were snapping up some of America's most-loved landmark properties during the 1980s? Back then, the business news almost always included a segment about the Japanese buying an American icon, whether it was Pebble Beach, Columbia Pictures, or the Rockefeller Center. And if the news wasn't about the Japanese buying something, it was about them building factories in places like Smyrna, Tennessee (Nissan). Heck, whole movies were made about the phenomena. Remember Michael Keaton in the 1986 movie Gung Ho? The Japanese buying spree was a function of the country's great prosperity. Throughout the 1970s, Japan consistently had the second-largest GDP and one of the highest per-capita incomes in the world. These days, the Japanese are no longer the heavy hitters they used to be. However … — 811 words.

A book for all seasons

Mark Kearney and Randy Ray, prolific writers of Canadian best sellers, have produced a perfect book for the home-fireplace season. Entertaining and informative, it will make you feel good about being a Canadian.

A Book for all Seasons
To purchase the book:
Randy Ray
(613) 731-3873

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