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Help! Where are you hydrogen power?
Ethanol is galloping over the horizon

A world anxious about it’s dependence on ever more expensive and non-renewable oil is about to take a long hard slurp of renewable ethanol, which, needless to say, is derived from plant growth. On the surface this seems all well and good. But our species can’t seem to operate for long in the centre of anything where common sense prevails. — 541 words.

Laughter rules in the court
of Judge Harold Wright
70 words


‘Suddenly and silently, the world’s
demand for ethanol is about to explode’

Martin D. Weiss of Money and Markets says, “Last week was the worst for the Dow Jones Industrials in over four years, and I think it’s too soon to expect a turnaround. Quite to the contrary, this is the signal to reduce your risk, build your cash and search elsewhere for new opportunities. , , , Asia is a good place to start . . . Brazil is also a great place to start looking for greener pastures. In fact, in just two days, Air Force One will touch down at Brasilia’s Juscelino Kubitschek airport ... President Bush will sign a land-breaking ethanol deal with President Lula ... and the ethanol profit explosion I’ve been writing you about will be off the launch pad. — 1,761 words.

Brazil grows more than coffee and ethanol
and could be the next China-like miracle

Brazil’s inflation monster has been tamed. Twelve years ago, Brazil stopped rampant inflation in its tracks by introducing a new currency, the real. Ten years ago, it passed a law preventing federal and local governments from spending beyond their means. And starting four years ago, Brazil’s president has transformed the country from one of the world’s most fiscally shaky nations into a model for fiscal responsibility. — 1,064 words.

U.S. corn-based politicians
wary of Brazilian ethanol deal

The agreement could lead to substantial growth in the ethanol industry in Brazil, where the fuel is made from sugar cane and is far cheaper than the corn-based ethanol that has been nurtured by protective tariffs and government mandates in the United States. But the agreement has already begun to prompt complaints from politicians from corn-producing regions of the United States. They fear that the plan would lead to an increase in imports of cheap foreign ethanol and undercut U.S. producers. 1,061 words.

China's ‘Doctor Day’ will be named
after Canadian Dr. Norman Bethune

A Chinese political advisor has suggested that China should set March 4, the birthday of Canadian doctor Norman Bethune who treated Chinese soldiers fighting Japanese invaders and died from blood poisoning in 1939, as the nation's Doctor Day. — 316 words.

Veteran anchor Walter Cronkite
says Iraq War is a "Disaster"

It was in 1968, when CBS Anchorman Walter Cronkite did a combat tour of Vietnam, and came back highly critical of that war. His pronouncement that the Vietnam War was unwinnable led to such a shift in public opinion against the war that President Lyndon Johnson said, "If I've lost Cronkite, I've lost America." — 321 words.

Quick studies of what’s on paper
in the world’s leading journals

Just as the head says, here we offer summaries of the leading stories that appear on the printed pages of the world’s leading publications. Serious, interesting stuff. Don’t be dismayed by the number of words. Just have a look at at least one when you open your computer. — 1,857 words.

True North Canuck Fact of the Day
A torn half of a $20 bill is still good for $10

If you have the torn half of a $20 bill, it’s still worth $10.  Bank of Canada officials say that ripped bills still have value.  One that has three-fifths or more of its original size remaining are worth their full value while those sheared in half are worth half their amount.

Trivia compiled by Randy Ray and Mark Kearney. Visit their Web site at:   www.triviaguys.com
Harold Wright, True North's  Doctor of Punology, says,  "A bicycle can't stand alone; it is two tired..”

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