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Our focus today is on the big shake last week in the financial markets. And a glimpse at the exciting week ahead. — 271 words.

Laughter rules in the court
of Judge Harold Wright
— 83 words.

Wall Street plunges as
global equity dominos fall

Wall Street plunged Tuesday, February 27, as a heavy sell-off in China's stock markets pushed down the global equity dominos. In the most unlikely chance you missed it, here’s a brief summary. — 305 words.

The lessons investors should learn from
a wobbly week in the financial markets

The Economist says, “. . . The cycle, in other words, has not been abolished. . . . If last week has served as a reminder of that, so much the better. So much the better, too, if it has made investors stop and ask whether, at the returns on offer, it is wise to run after emerging-market shares, virtually any sort of corporate bond and the privilege of insuring lenders against the risk that goodness knows who will default on a loan. And if not? Then the next slip on the tightrope could be much nastier.” — 1,224 words.

A psychological revelation
of China's growing influence

Jeff Pan of the China Daily News says, “It is convenient to come to the conclusion that Chinese stock market has become so influential after a fanatic 130% growth last year that the world would sneeze when China coughs. However, the incident did provide an indicator of China's growing influence, and how well investors around the world understand that.” — 312 words.

China financial guru urges investors to stay calm
and government to severely punish manipulators

Yi Xianrong says, “Of course, serious stock price volatility is undesirable for the healthy development of the market. The government should probe into the reasons for the fluctuations and find out what they can do to regulate the market. For example, regulatory bodies should consider whether there are any people or organizations manipulating the market, whether anyone is deliberately creating chaos, and whether the current rules need to be improved. Only in this way can the market become healthier. . . . The government should adopt rules to better protect the interests of (smaller investors) and groups and severely punish those who seek to take advantage of them.” — 495 words

True North Canuck Fact of the Day
First public flick in Ottawa — or maybe Montreal

The first public showing of a movie in Canada took place in Ottawa in July 1896 (although some experts argue that an earlier display occurred in Montreal). About 1200 people paid 10 cents each to watch several short films.

Trivia compiled by Randy Ray and Mark Kearney. Visit their Web site at:   www.triviaguys.com
Harold Wright, True North's  Doctor of Punology, says,  "A backward poet writes inverse.

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